Environmental acceptable use of sewage sludge in soil remediation


In October 2012 in CVRV Piešťany market research was done for the procurer of the necessary instrumentation infrastructure (high capacity autoclave and liquid nitrogen generator) via contacting suppliers. The external mandatary - MP Profit, s.r.o. for execution of public procurement for the high capacity autoclave and liquid nitrogen generator was chosen according to market research. Mandatary processes the instrument specifications indicated by scientists. On 26.07.2013 in the Official Journal no. 145/2013 CVRV Piestany published a call for tenders for contracts below the threshold entitled "Acquisition of scientific and technical infrastructure" with the deadline for submission of tenders 14.08.2013. After the evaluation of submitted offers and electronic auction the purchase agreement for the delivery of the contract object will be concluded with the successful candidate.

PP Energy Agency proceeded a selection process for the activity of public advisory. From the incoming tenders for planner of low-capacity granulator the Energy Agency has chosen the suitable planner. The Fűtésenergia Ltd. delivered the machine plans in December 2012. The Energy Agency selected the suitable procurement expert. The procurement process started on 19 December, 2012. In the scope of the negotiated procedure without the publication of a contract notice announced under activity 01, Energy Agency received applications re 'the procurement of a small capacity shredder' from 3 tenderers on 25.01.2013. In the procedure the most advantageous application was made by Ülkey-Szvogép Konzorcium. Energy Agency sent the 'summary of assessing the applications' document setting out the results of the procedure to the tenderers on 28 February 2013. The date on wich the contract was executed between Energy Agencyand Ülkey-Szvogép konzorcium: 20 February 2013, net contract value: HUF 22,500,000. The result of the procedure was announced on 8 April 2013 and the procedure was closed.

PP UCM Trnava launched the procurements of the acquisition concerning the required analytical systems – atomic absorption spectrometer, and the upgrade of facilities required for improvement of applied nuclear analytical methods by preparing of relevant technical specifications and by market research. Relevant document preparation for initialization of procurement process have been launched as well.

The preparation for the procurement of the purchased equipments was also carried out by NYME.

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