Environmental acceptable use of sewage sludge in soil remediation


The small capacity shredder was delivered on 25 April 2013. A cooperation agreement was made by and between Energia Ügynökség and T. T. MALOM Vagyonkezelő Kft. on placing and operating the twin-screw extruder. Consequently, the machine was commissioned at the site of T. T. MALOM Vagyonkezelő Kft. in Mosonmagyaróvár 25.04.2013. Energia Ügynökség Kft has completed a selection procedure regarding the tasks of a technology expert. The most advantageous offer was submitted by Momentous Kft. The service agreement with Momentous Kft regarding the tasks of a technology expert was entered into on 22.04.2013 The test run of the small capacity granulating equipment was held at the project meeting held on 23.07.2013 in Mosonmagyaróvár.

Twin screw moulding extruder

The extruder model SZ-55 is made for processing sewage-sludges mixed with auxiliary materials. Its task is to treat the material with heat then to forward the mould to the next unit of the system. The material to be processed, the sewage-sludge mixed wit auxiliary materials, enable the application of thermoplastic polymers, made of renewable raw materials, as a binding agent.


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