Environmental acceptable use of sewage sludge in soil remediation


The purchase of the equipment processing the sewage-sludge is the responsibility of the Energy Agency Public Nonprofit Ltd. The machine to be custom designed mixes the sewage-sludge with ground agricultural (straw or corn-stalk and so on) or other wastes - as auxiliary materials - to increase the amount of dry material.  The material goes into the moulder together with the heat treatment or drying technology. The end product is utilized as a soil improver, on which the project partners conduct the measurements and inspections described within the frame of the project. The detailed scheme of the technology is worked out within the frame of the project. The planned capacity of the machine to be custom designed is: minimum 100 t/year.

Responsible partners:

  • Energy Agency Public Nonprofit Ltd

Energia Ügynökség Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

1092 Budapest,
Kinizsi út 21-15.