Environmental acceptable use of sewage sludge in soil remediation


The project partners agreed that pedological characterization of soil should be done on both sides of the border, in areas of interest and according to logistic options of pellets transport. Researchers used various databases as EIZ-CVTI SR, Science Direct, Springer, Wiley Interscience and Taylor and Francis, etc. for searching of specialized publications about pedological characterization of soils in terms of toxic metal content and soil remediation. At CVRV Piešťany soil samples for chemical analyses were taken and prepared.

Realization of procurements for obtaining of expert's report dealing with characterization of selected soils of the Trnava region in terms of toxic metal content was carried out by UCM Trnava. Sorption/desorption experiments evaluating cadmium and zinc binding ability in soils obtained from experimental fields of CVRV Piešťany was initiated.

Regarding the activitiy 5th Soil Science and Conservation Research Institute in Bratislava have conducted a sudy in the topic of "Pedological characterisation of selected soils on the both border sides in terms of toxic metal contect". Based on it was made the following map.

Suitability of agricultural soils in trnava region for direct application of sewage sludge  (green - suitable soil, red - unsuitable soil; Source: VÚPOP, Slovak Republic)


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