Environmental acceptable use of sewage sludge in soil remediation


The scientists of CVRV Piešťany by use of molecular biology software analysed and compared phytoremediation genes in cereals, designed primers for coding sequences of phytoremediation genes and analysed commercially available chips for "gene expression microarrays". They calculated and prepared procedure for reverse transcriptase polymerase reaction and calculated different variants of marked and non-marked primers ratios for detection of target fragment. Reverse transcripts were prepared and stored. The scientists calculated heavy metals concentrations for preparation of preliminary pot experiment with soil contaminated by heavy metals. Soil was contaminated by solutions with Cd and Pb. Isolation of barley RNA was carried out by method using the afinity chromatography for total mRNA. mRNA isolates were processed by DN-ase to remove genomic DNA. Researchers compared the quality and quantity of nucleic acid isolated by classical Trizol reagent method and by affinity chromatography method.



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