Environmental acceptable use of sewage sludge in soil remediation

The Project

The project with the ID number HUSK/1101/1.2.1/0148 entitled  „The Ecologically Acceptable Application of the Sewage-Sludges in the Remediation of Soil - ECOSOILREM”, which was awarded a subsidy within the Hungary-Slovakia  Cross-Border Co-operation Programme in the year 2012  –  primarily serves scientific-research and application purposes with the co-operation of the project partners.

During its implementation the chemical description of the sewage-sludges, the determination of further possible ways of utilisation (recycling through the soil, incineration, disposal in a landfill), the production of sewage-sludge pellet and/or granulate with the use of different agricultural auxiliary materials, agricultural utilisation and the inspection of agricultural soils is realised. The tasks of each partner were determined in terms of their previous research experience, results, professional competence and infrastructure.

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